i write love notes every day.

I pull ideas and inspiration and nuggets of wisdom from my dreams, my meditations, self-study, and client sessions and I deliver them directly to your phone. 


Our phones have become a source of anxiety, a playground for comparison, a quick hit of cheap dopamine, a place where catastrophized news is pinged to us before we've brushed our teeth. 

Let's change that.

There are about a bajillion articles out there to help you strategize yourself out of a scary relationship with your phone, but I can't make you take any of that advice (nor was I put on this planet to make you do anything for that matter). What I can do is turn up the volume on the good.

LOVE TXTs amplify 
the positive

LOVE TXTs magnify 
your curiosity

LOVE TXTs inspire you love yourself a whole lot deeper

What LOVE TXTS recipients are saying:

"LOVE TXTs always give me something to think about and encourage me to live further in my design daily."

"LOVE TXTs are often the exact boost that I need to uplift and re-center my day

"LOVE TXTs are better than any app notification I could engineer. They always come at the perfect time, with the right wisdom for me that day."

"LOVE TXTs are short and insightful; a bite-sized message to help me along my journey."

"LOVE TXTs are the insights I need to help me maintain my momentum bringing my manifestations to life." 

"LOVE TXTs are so supportive and flip the script on typical development support." 

About Nikki

Nikki Brafman is a Spiritual Life and Business Coach, Manifestation Teacher, Podcast Host, and Mom. She uses Human Design, her business acumen, and her deep curiosity to show people that they can get exactly what they want by returning to their unique selves. She helps lost souls, entrepreneurs, and corporate teams to explore inner genius and balance the chaos that innately comes from living life in the flow of your unique genius.

Oh yeah, and she loves love. 

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